Graphics Work Order Form 2018 (ASI Students)

Key Terms & Contact Info

Please note this module is for ASI internal use only.

Thank you for choosing to submit a design request with ASI Communications for your upcoming project. Welcome to our new module! Benefits to using this system are:

  • It's environmentally friendly
  • Orders will be time stamped once submitted
  • Orders will be archived for later review under your BeachSync account
  • Completed work orders will be uploaded to your Basecamp project so you never lose your details

Please note:

  • All clients entering more than one (1) work order will be prompted with the normal ASI Communications work order form (pdf) and must fill out and upload the form to complete their work order submission 
  • Clients only submitting one (1) work order will only enter their info via BeachSync

If you are using this system and are not signed in to BeachSync, you will be prompted to enter your name and email. Please sign-in to BeachSync to avoid this.

Student Requests

Student client's submitting a work order must have the completely filled out work order approved by Lindsay San Miguel (government), Taylor Buhler-Scott or Parker Chalmers (Beach Pride Events) or whomever your respective advisor might be, prior to being accepted. Work orders not approved by client's respective advisors will be declined and your work order process will be delayed.

Prior to beginning your work order, here are some terms to keep in mind:

Business Day: any day Monday through Friday that CSULB is open. Holidays and weekends do not count as business days for your work order.

In-hands Deadline: the day a client can pick up the printed version of the design/request. As a marketing rule of thumb, an in-hands deadline should be 5 to 10  business days prior to the event/program date to allow for proper promotion.

Digital Deadline: unless otherwise agreed upon with an ASI Communications staff member, the digital deadline will always be 1 business day prior to the in-hands deadline. 

Complexity Level: levels range from 1 to 4, with one being minimal (e.g. color options, information/text and a photo) and 4 being highly complex (e.g. Homecoming, Farmers Market; completely original graphic).

Basecamp: a project management program used by ASI Communications to track and organize work orders. Once a client has submitted a work order they will receive an invitation to create an account with Basecamp. All communications on a project will take place on this platform so it is imperative that this system is checked routinely during the course of the project.

Name & Department

(e.g. Pete Beachmaster, Student Government)